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Your Sassy Polish Girl

Meet Julia.


Part of the fun of purpose is diving into new interests. For me, it's cooking. I've loved it since I was a child and my Dad let me start scrambling eggs as an 8 year old (with supervision of course!). In my teens, I took an interest in my Polish heritage and the recipes passed down through our family. You know those family recipes. They're the ones you helped make when you were growing up and didn't question it. It's just "the thing we did".

Once I started making pierogies, I was assigned the job by my Aunt until the end of time. Once I got really good at making pierogies, I got the opportunity to teach others in a variety of community schools and workshops  how to make pierogies (and other Polish dishes). 15 years later, I'm still doing it, and after 15 years of the question "Do you teach private classes/workshops?" I can now say yes. Yes, I do.



Do You Cook Here Often?

It's not all pierogies and smoked paprika (although...DELICIOUS).

The best part of Sassy Polish Girl Provisions, LLC is that my workshops are tailored around you.


Have you heard about my pierogi workshops and always wanted to take one?

Are you looking for a fun night out with friends?

Are you looking for a neat team building idea?

Are you looking to take your cooking skills up a notch, or are new to cooking and want to learn simple recipes?

Are you looking to cook healthier but not sure where to start?

All of the above are possible! If you have a menu or idea in mind, I'm here to help. Contact me and let's discuss how to bring your ideas to life!​

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